Chainsub.Space's journey

What's to come

Continued Work

n8tbit and hooftly will continue working on developing the platform eventually bringing it out of beta

Bring CSS to the world

Create and employ strategies to bring to users worldwide.

How will we do this?

UI/UX Improvements

As this is a beta and MVC for the Turtlecoin Hackathon the UI/UX will be worked on heavily in the future.

Extended Support

CSS Plans to eventually support multiple currencies so authors can choose how their readers can tip them.

Mobile App

CSS wants to provide an easy to access Smart Phone App for people on the go. Use CSS anywhere anytime with ease.

Future Features

Collaborative Editing

Addition of collabrative editing so that you and your colleagues can work together in real time.

Custom Channel Creation

Authors will have the abilty to choose a Channel or create one where they and others can curate their content.


Readers will be able to subscribe to authors to allow them to always stay up to date with their favorite content

Author Ratings

A rating system where readers can rate authors allowing popular authors to be fatured in a spotlight section.

Push Notifications

A push notification service to let you know how all your posts are doing. Stay up to date, all the time.

Multi-Language Support

We plan to support a multitude of languages so you can patricipate with the language of our choosing.